Reflecting Forwards

Reflecting Forwards

Welcome Introspective Human,

For the past eight years I’ve set aside time to reflect back on how the previous year unfolded with the aim of noticing nuggets of self-insight as well as setting clear intentions for the year to come.

Each year the questions and format have evolved and been distilled down into a series of prompts that if contemplated thoughtfully will allow you to orient towards what matters most in the year to come and calibrate your compass towards its true north.

For many of us 2021 was a challenging but transformational year, it would be a real shame to let those deeper insights go to waste.

Yours gratefully,



"Writing an annual review is one of the highest leverage uses of your time—zoom the lens out to celebrate victories, learn from struggles and orient towards what matters most in the year to come.” –Jonny Miller

🚀 What's included in ‘Reflecting Forwards 2021’

Reflecting Forwards is a customisable Notion template that includes:

📆 An introspective checklist for gathering materials (photos, calendars, highlights, challenges) from the previous year to prime your subconscious and elicit meaningful memories.

💡 15 prompts (with examples) guiding you through a retrospective of 2021, followed by 22 prompts to guide you towards starting 2022 with deep insight and clarity in the areas of life that matter most.

👑 A primer on the 4 core archetypes and how this framework can guide you towards more meaningful self-enquiry.

👨‍🚀 Nine curated examples of monthly reviews written by thoughtful and prolific creative humans.


👨‍💻 How To Use This Template
📝 The Case for Writing an Annual Review
🤴 A Primer on the 'Archetype' Framework
📚 Nine Curated Examples of Awesome Annual Reviews
💬 Join the pop-up Whatsapp Group to share insights

🕵️‍♂️ 1 // Gathering Introspective Material

Retrospective Checklist

📖 Journal Entries (check physical, evernote etc.)
💡 Intentions from Jan 2021 (if you set them)
📆 Check calendar for milestones + events
💬 Social media (Instagram stories/Twitter/Goodreads etc.)
📝 Review notes from coaching sessions / workshops etc.
📸 Gather photos of memorable moments from 2021 (include below)
❤️ Have a conversation with someone close to you

🤔 2 // Reflecting Back on 2021



✊ How aligned was how I spent my time with my core values?
🤼 Which moments or situations did I embrace discomfort?
👨‍⚕️ How well did I take care of myself and my health?


💪 Which commitments did I follow through with?
🤷‍♂️ Where did I struggle to stand my ground?
🙅‍♂️ What boundaries did I set with myself and others?


🏆 What did I feel proud of accomplishing?
👨‍🎓 What did I learn or what skills did I develop?
❓  Which questions deeply fascinated me?

>> 👀 END OF PREVIEW 👀 <<